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All the Recent Toy Recalls That Could Impact Your Kid — & What To Do

It’s always scary to hear about a toy being recalled Recent Toy. Something that is supposed to bring your child joy could hurt them? Something that’s supposed to keep them safe hurt them? (We’re looking at you, bike helmets!) Each year, companies and retailers pull all kinds of toys and kids’ products from the shelves because of the (previously unknown) risks they pose. Sometimes this happens after shoppers report malfunctions, or sometimes manufacturers notice these problems on their own. They then work with the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to get these out of the hands of kiddos.

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What’s important to know, is that just because one toy from a company is recalled, that doesn’t mean all their toys are dangerous. It doesn’t even mean every version of that toy is faulty. Sometimes recalls only impact a very specific set of toys made in a very specific timeframe.

It’s also good to keep in mind that just because something isn’t recalled, that doesn’t inherently mean it’s safe. Recalls happen when manufacturers actually agree to pull their products, meaning there could be plenty of risky toys on shelves that companies are unwilling to address. If you ever have concerns about the safety of your children’s toys, you can research any complaints or report your own at SaferProducts.gov.

Below are all the recent toy recalls that all parents and caregivers should be aware of and instructions on what to do if you own a recalled toy beyond just immediately taking them away from kids. You can also find lists of recalled baby and toddler gear HERE, recalled cribs and mattresses HERE, and recalled baby formula HERE.

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